We create a team of people for whom cars are passion. Therefore each produced cage not only provides security but also satisfies customer with its production quality.

A  few words about us

IrecoMotorsport is a Polish company, which exists since 1996. It's the biggest producer of safety cages in the country and the exporter to many countries in the world. We started as “IRECO SPAW-SERWIS”, dealing with the repair of welding equipment, in addition to cages production. In 2002 we focused only on safety constractions and we changed the name to the current one. For years we have gained experience necessary to realise the most demanding projects. Our technological and manufacturing facilities provide very high quality standards. We built safety cages for rally, racing and off-road cars, both contemporary and historical. We have the international licence for producing safety constructions. We also cooperate  with the best rally and race teams in Poland and abroad.

Since the beginning of company we have built several thousands of cages for customers from Poland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy, England, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Ukraine, Georgia and United States as well.

We care for your safety

Our   team


He guards  this whole mess :-)  he drinks plenty of coffee sitting at his desk in the documents

He welds instantly, bends pipes, perfect professional but you must be careful with him, master of a sharp answear :-) he can sell nerly everthing, even if it's not well packed:-)


He is the youngest but still growing :-) his field is preparing a car for cage mounting, handling CNC burner and shipment.